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Nibbana for Teams v1.0.2

GTD™ (Getting Things Done) methodology applied for collaboration.

See Nibbana - a personal project and task management system implementing GTD™ concept.

Currently Nibbana apps are under heavy development, so keep updated and read doc/changelog.rst.

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When all planned features are implemented new price will be set. Hurry up to buy the addon now and get the features for free!

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Nibbana for Team features:

  •  Chat and subscriptions on projects and tasks.
  •  Separate manager views for projects, tasks and Epicenter.
  •  Breaking metrics by team members.
  •  Individual areas and contexts on shared projects and tasks!



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Projects now can be shared.

Project managers will see their projects under Manage section of menu.

Project participants will see their projects under Organize section of menu


Task state is the same for all members.

Areas and contexts are individual so every team member has its own structure of areas and contexts.

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Unified List

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Unified List for manager contains all active projects and all actionable tasks from them.

Sequential Actions

Sequential Actions view gives project manager a team Epicenter.

Only one actionable task from every active project is show here.
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You can follow interesting projects and tasks.

Discuss menu can be your communication center for your collaboration..


Send bugs or feature requests here.