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Asterisk Calls

Manage your Asterisk calls from Odoo!

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  •  Works with any Asterisk distribution (only AMI connection used)!
  •  Click to call from Contacts and User directories.
  •  Call history analytics.
  •  Active calls management: pickup, spy, hangup, mute.
  •  Auto open partner's form on partner's call!
  •  Web callback form - let your WEB site visitors request a call.
  •  Quality of call status and monitoring.
  •  Call recording, sharing and discussion.
  •  Automatic arhiving.
  •  Dashboards with top callers, company missed calls, daily traffic and more.
  •  Installation support included please contact!


Call monitor

When you click Calls top menu you are immediately sent to Active Calls view.

Accroding to your permissions set byCalls Administrator you can pickup an active call, spy on it, whisper privately to your collegue, or even barge into active call and talk to both parties.

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User directory

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User directory - this is your company internal phone book with click to call feature.

Map your Asterisk phone extensions to Odoo users to allow dialing features.

Partner calls

You can see partner calls.

You can call your partners with one click.

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WEB Callback

Website callback form

Let your site visitors request a call from You!

After submitting the form the call will be placed to the queue or directly connected to a responsible personnel.

Callback directives are configured on Asterisk side and you have unlimited flexibility here.

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Call history

Search and filter calls:

  • Answered
  • Missed
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing
  • Call from Partners
  • More...
Group calls by:
  • Partner
  • From user
  • To user
  • Date
  • Call Dispostion (status)
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Visualize your phone traffic by your own criterias. Amount of calls per month can give you an idea on how your company grows.

Add your favorite graphs to your dashboard and keep an eye on the phone traffic.

Special Calls Dashboard shows you special call statistics where you will see top blabbers, top partners and phone traffic distribution.

Pivot view will give you an advanced call reporting tool.

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Bugs, feature requests

For bugs and feature requests please send email to

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Asterisk! Enjoy with Odoo!