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Asterisk PBX Manager

Manage your Asterisk servers from Odoo!

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This app is under active development! Only invited beta testers for now!


  •  Works with any Asterisk installation (FreePBX, etc) without its changes!
  •  Basic PBX features: SIP peers, users, dialplans, incoming and outgoing routing, queues, call stats and call recordings, dashboards and more...
  •  Advanced WEB based asterisk .conf editor with asterisk syntax highlight.
  •  Full Asterisk WEB console inside Odoo!
  •  Multi server support - manager all your Asterisk servers from one Odoo instance!
  •  Loosely coupled architecture - your asterisk server (bare metal or virtual) become like stateless docker containers. Automatic new server registration and recovery.
  •  Status monitoring and alarming.
  •  More features to come!!!


Bugs, feature requests

For bugs and feature requests please visit Gitlab issues or send email to

Tips & tricks

                                    To talk about Asterisk & Odoo integration join our    Telegram chat


If you are an Odoo and Asterisk developer and think about your contribution please visit Gitlab project and request a developer acess.

Asterisk! Enjoy with Odoo!