Odooist - your personal DevOp

Host your Odoo reliably and get a developer in one place

IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) based on SaltStack makes the IT dream come true.

Key features

What makes it amazing

Odoo development, deployment, operations management

Get all in one place.

Unlimited databases

You can create as many databases as your wish without limits.

Unlimited apps

You can have any app installed.

Batteries included

Get all apps by Odooist for free! 
(+1500 EUR deal!)

Asterisk Calls

Asterisk IP-PBX call statistics and management application.


GTD project and task manager.

VPN Manager

Manage VPN infrastructure from Odoo easily.


One server

$ 350 .00

/ month
  • +1500 EUR in applications included.
  • Smart monitoring and alarming.
  • SLA - 1 working day.
  • Daily backups.

High Available

$ 1000 .00

/ month
  • < 2 millions requests per second.
  • 100% uptime.
  • CDN caching.
  • Personal Grafana Dashboard.


$ 55.00

/ month
  • Vanilla Asterisk IP-PBX server.
  • Configuration on .conf files and
  • Odoo based configuration UI.
  • Enhanced Security applied.