Odoo is the new base of Asterisk ;-)

Actually, Odoo brings to the world of telephony a new kind of integration with all thousands of business apps published at Odoo market.

Now you can voice-enable any application as Odoo now has complete PBX command center.  Asterisk becomes just an engine that can be created or destroyed any time like ordinary docker container.

You have all call stats and recordings of your customer calls, SIP phone provisioning, auto attendant (IVR) configurator, call queues and conferences, a full features Asterisk as you have all the power of .conf files.

The project roadmap is to implement all phone features ever existed before and invent a dozen one of new opportunities ;-)

Odoo • Text and Image

Asterisk Base

Full PBX Management.

Follow your dream

Asterisk Calls

Call Statistics from any Asterisk server wih basic call management features (answer, pickup, monitor (spy and barge)).



Enjoy with Odoo!